The Incredible Shrinking DSO

While not directly EMC-related, I recently published a review article on Seeed Studio’s fairly new miniature digitizing oscilloscope, the DSO Quad. I first showed this to an interested group of engineers at the 2011 IEEE EMC Symposium in Long Beach during the EMC Consultant’s Toolkit workshop and it drew quite a crowd.

At best, this $199, 3 MHz bandwidth, oscilloscope is quite the conversation piece and I suppose it would work well for low frequency or audio applications. What amazes me is all the functionality built in to this small package. It even includes a built-in function generator.

The unit is slightly larger than a standard business card and it comes with two Mueller 10:1, 100-MHz probes with tiny MCX RF coax connectors. The DSO Quad has two analog channels and two digital channels. The sampling rate is 72 Msamples/s. I measured a bandwidth of about 3 MHz. The vertical scale is adjustable from 20 mV/div to 10 V/div (8-bit resolution) and the horizontal sensitivity is 0.1 µs/div to 1s/div. Input coupling is AC or DC and triggering is Auto, Normal, and Single. There are several trigger modes: rising/falling edge, pulse width, and level.

The full review may be obtained from the Test & Measurement World web site here

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