EMC Troubleshooting Kit – The Complete Series

EDITOR’S NOTE: (Dec. 14, 2017) Test & Measurement World was merged into http://www.edn.com some years later. I’ve updated the links for you.
T&M World has asked me to increase the frequency of postings from 1/week to 2/week. Apparently, the postings are receiving lots of “clicks” from the readership, so they want more. Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite keep up with the blog here, so once the series was completed earlier this week, I thought I’d get back over here and provide the links to the complete troubleshooting kit postings.
I just completed the last installment of the blog series on the EMC troubleshooting kit I’ve been using for several years. I’m hoping it will be of interest and that it might inspire you to start assembling your own kit. While a bit expensive if you purchase one of the better spectrum analyzers, I found it’s paid for itself several times over through the years.
This last installment discusses some low-cost spectrum analyzer options and includes a complete listing of all the tools, components and troubleshooting gizmos. I haven’t really addressed most of the immunity testing (besides ESD), because that generally requires pretty sophisticated gear.
In case you missed some of these, here are the different postings:

Troubleshooting Kit – Part 1a (Emissions)

Troubleshooting Kit – Part 1b (Emissions)

Troubleshooting Kit – Part 2 (ESD Immunity)

Troubleshooting Kit – Part 3 (Detecting ESD)

Troubleshooting Kit – Part 4 (Radiated Immunity)

Troubleshooting Kit – Part 5 (Summary & Parts List)

Or, If you’d prefer, here’s a link to the whole series: http://www.tmworld.com/blog/The_EMC_Blog/index.php
We’ve been receiving a lot of positive comment and I’d love to hear other suggestions of tools and accessories you’ve used – especially for simple-to-use and low-cost immunity testing, but I’d appreciate your posting your thoughts on the blog entires themselves.

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  1. Need to update the links.. tmworld is now even, I found them with google, great articles

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