FCC Reconsiders Policy on Personal Electronics Devices (PEDs)

I just posted some info on the announcement yesterday by the FAA on plans for an industry working group to study the current policies for Personal Electronics Devices (PEDs) during in-flight operations. There is a 60-day opportunity for public comment.

Typical personal electronic devices (PEDs). The camera includes a GPS receiver, as does the GPS navigator. The mobile phone and tablet computer include PCS phone, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.


2 responses to “FCC Reconsiders Policy on Personal Electronics Devices (PEDs)

  1. There are just a few more days remaining for public comment wrt FAA-2012-0752. Go to http://www.regulations.gov and search for docket number FAA-2012-0752.

  2. Retired aerospace accident investigator and electronics expert Douglas J. Hughes has released a report on passenger use of portable electronic devices on aircraft in response to the FAA’s recent request for public input. The full report detailing past PED research and aircraft crash investigations is posted to the Interference Technology web site: http://www.interferencetechnology.com/renowned-aerospace-accident-investigator-comments-on-faas-evaluation-of-ped-use-on-aircraft/

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