Unusual EMC Antennas

Is there anyone who has tried using unusual antennas for EMC troubleshooting or measurement? I’ve recently posted several ideas – some of which I’m actually using for troubleshooting.


Using a DTV antenna: http://www.tmworld.com/electronics-blogs/the-emc-blog/4403939/Using-a-DTV-antenna-for-EMC-troubleshooting

Using a PC board LP antenna: http://www.tmworld.com/electronics-blogs/the-emc-blog/4403451/PC-board-log-periodic-antennas

A simple DIY dipole antenna (Part 1): http://www.tmworld.com/electronics-blogs/the-emc-blog/4398406/Playing-with-antennas—part-1

A simple DIY dipole antenna (Part 2): http://www.tmworld.com/electronics-blogs/the-emc-blog/4401568/Playing-with-antennas—part-2

An EMC troubleshooting kit (Part 1a): http://www.tmworld.com/electronics-blogs/emc-emi-rfi-esd/4378152/An-EMC-Troubleshooting-Kit–Part-1a-Emissions-

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