Some of my most popular articles

Hi All,

I thought you all might be interested in some of my most popular articles written for Interference Technology. Here are the top five:

The HF current probe: theory and application –

Inexpensive radiated immunity pre-compliance testing –

Spread spectrum clock generation – theory and debate –

Troubleshooting radiated emissions using low-cost bench-top methods –

Harmonic comb generators are useful tools –

Hope you enjoy them!

2 responses to “Some of my most popular articles

  1. Sir, Can I ask questions related to EMI/EMC? I am SV Umamaheswari, working in EMI-EMC testing in Defence Electronics Research Laboratory, Hyderabad, India. I just copied some of your papers and I can write after reading them.

    • Hi SV, feel free to ask question on EMC/EMI. If the question pertains to one of the blog postings, you can ask there.

      Otherwise, you might consider EMC Experts or EMC Troubleshooters discussion groups on LinkedIn.

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