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Update on Activities

Hi All,

Free EMC Guides – This last year, Interference Technology (IT) has posted several free downloadable guides to EMC. Some of the more recent ones include EMC Fundamentals, EMC Test, Medical EMC, and Military & Aerospace EMC. We’ll have a new 2017 Automotive EMC Guide coming out this week, as well. Please review all these at the bottom of our web page:

Looking for Authors – We’re looking for authors! IT has a long history in publishing the very best technical articles and reference material in the field of electromagnetic compatibility. It was first published starting in 1971 and I actually started subscribing to it in the mid-1970s – well before I knew I would end up in a career as an EMC engineer and consultant. Now I find myself as editor of that same publication – a humbling responsibility. You’ll find our Author’s Guide under the link, “Contribute”, at the bottom of the home page.

May Seminars – In other news, May was a busy month for seminars, with presentations in Chicago, Detroit and Israel. I was honored to be the featured speaker for the IEEE EMC Society in both Chicago and Detroit, and then was off to Israel to present a tutorial on Radiated Emissions Troubleshooting at DGCON (similar to DesignCON).

Upcoming Seminar – I’ll also be scheduling my regular two-day intensive EMC design, theory, troubleshooting, and pre-compliance testing seminar in Longmont, Colorado this coming September 19-20, 2017. This time, I’ll have guest speaker, Eric Bogatin, who will present a segment on “Power Distribution Network (PDN) Design for Low EMI”, based on his recent book on the topic. Should be a great program! Info and registration here:

Webinars – Finally, for all of you who live outside the U.S., or who are unable to travel to one of my EMC seminars, this is for you! Washington Labs is hosting webinar presentations by myself, Robert Hanson, and Steven Ferguson on EMC Design & Troubleshooting. More info and registration here:

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more!