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Questions on Radiated Emissions Pre-Compliance Testing

Following the recent webinar sponsored by Rohde & Schwarz, I received way too many questions to answer during the live presentation, so I’m following up gradually and posting my answers on The EMC Blog, now hosted by EDN.com.

I just posted my third article:

3. Questions on EMC pre-compliance testing for radiated emissions

I’ll be posting one more on the questions I received on general EMC topics some time in August.

In the meantime, I’ll be attending Doug Smith’s ESD/EMC three-day seminar next week and may write up a description with pictures. The week after that, I’ll be attending the annual International Symposium on EMC right here in Denver. I’ll be posting at least two articles on new products and other activities.

Design West Conference and Expo (April 22-25, 2013)

Test and measurement company, Rohde & Schwarz, invited me out to the Design West conference to present a couple of EMC design and troubleshooting talks. Little did I know these were to be held in their new “classroom in a truck”, which was driven right into the exhibit hall!

Design West 201304-154

Figure 1 – Here I am standing next to the truck. It’s difficult to get an idea of the size of the trailer from this point of view.

For Wyatt 1

Figure 2 – Here I am teaching a class of 24 engineers in the expandable classroom.

Figure 2 - Here's a better view of the trailer. There are two large "slide-outs" which expand the classroom to 24 seats, place room for equipment demos around the perimeter.

Figure 3 – Here’s a better view of the trailer. There are two large “slide-outs” which expand the classroom to 24 seats, plus room for equipment demos around the perimeter. They plan to use this mobile classroom for their “truck tour” of major cities this year.

The Design West show evolved from the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC), at which I’ve presented my EMC seminars in the past. This year, was more of the same – just 10X better (is that a 10 dB increase?) with a couple hundred vendors plying their embedded processors, I/O and sensor products. Thanks to Rohde and Schwarz for hosting my seminars there this year!