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iPhone and iPad Engineering Apps

Earlier this year, I upgraded my Palm Treo 700 (believe it or not!) with a new Apple iPhone 4s. I later purchased the iPad (version 3) in March. Needless to say, I’ve been having a ton of fun with these new gadgets and spending a bit of money on apps, of course!
Recently, I’ve been trying to identify iPhone and iPad engineering apps. Here are a few I found and use:
iCircuit – a schematic capture and modeling app.
LineCalc – calculator for coax cable
Electronic TB (Electronic Toolbox Pro) – includes a multitude of handy electronics design aids – one of my favorites.
uWave Calc (from Agilent Technologies) – a few handy microwave-related calculators.
PCBCalc – a microstrip and stripline calculator from Agilent Technologies.
E Formulas – includes several common electronics calculators.
jEMLab – EM boundary conditions, polarization, incident plane waves and spherical charges calculator.
Circuit Lab – a schematic capture and analysis app.
dB Calc – calculate or convert various quantities in dB.
EE Toolkit– another well-done electronics component and circuits reference app.Digi-Key – has their on-line catalog available.
Buyers’ Guide – ITEM EMC Buyers’ Guide includes a host of EMC-related companies and services.
Directives – is a listing of all the EU directives with links to the actual directive text.

There are also a number of good conversion and calculator apps. I use Convert mainly, as well as Calculator Pro.

For those dealing with environmental shake tests, there’s Vibration. Although I don’t recommend it, you can bolt down your iPhone or iPad to the shake table and record the vibration profile of a product. It uses the built-in accelerometer.

iSeismometer is similar, but simulates a three axis (3 pen) seismometer. Pretty cool!

There are some so-called EMF detectors, but I don’t know how accurate they might be: EMF Detector and Tesla Bot are two of them.

If you’re into audio analysis for home theater or wishing to analyze room acoustics, I recommend Audio Tools – pricy in-app purchases, but a rather complete acoustics analysis system.

I’m sure there’s a lot more useful engineering apps out there. So, what good apps have you found?