EMC Troubleshooting Kit

My EMC troubleshooting kit is packed into a Pelican 1510 roller case. Contents include a spectrum analyzer and various probes.

I’m currently describing the contents of my EMC troubleshooting kit in the Test & Measurement World EMC Blog. The first two postings (Part 1a and 1b) include detailed descriptions of the tools and accessaries I use for radiated emissions. The future postings will include a description of some tools used to assess radiated immunity and ESD. The kit is useful for limited pre-compliance testing, but it’s most useful for assessing radiated emissions. The kit also includes the usual range of resistors, capacitors, inductors, ferrites, copper and insulated tape and antennas.

Please feel free to add your own tools for troubleshooting in the comments below, or on the T&M World blog. Cheers, Ken

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